Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Ashes Of Christmas

So its over for another year, and oh my how joyful can this time be. I mean I get asked over and over again why I didn't get any presents or why I spent it on my own. Christmas is not a time for me to think of wanting anything, for me all I can want is for those i care for and love to be happy. As for the being alone, am used to it and I know its likely to continue as time goes on.

My Twitter family has certainly grown and am grateful for each and everyone of you that follows and talks to me. I sit in my hotel room for the last night and they as usual are making me smile, and huge huge huge hugs are offered for all the smile the give to me.

Now am thinking of updating a few pictures of myself and lowering the numbers of the ones that are out there. Will upload a picture post later to see how that sounds and looks by you guys.

On my last post a comment was left for me and can I say that am adoring the sender.


Well for the moment its all that's running in my mind.

Seany xxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is coming and am hotel bound!!

So its now 4 days to go till the big event. What big event I hear you cry, well Christmas Day and it looks set to be yet another busy busy day for all, well mostly all. I thought I would share my Christmas plans with you all to see if you approve.

Firstly, namely so I can get by it quickly, yes I will be on my own for Christmas. Please do not feel bad or sorry for me, its how I am every year so its all good.

Secondly, and this will be the fun one although am sure a few will go erm problem there, I will be staying here. I thought I needed to get my ass outside of these four walls and be able to relax under my own steam. Wonder how my breakfasts will go down.

As for Christmas dinner well am thinking splash out on room service and get a bottle of wine in, whose joining me then.


I don't envy those of you who will be with your families at all. I love my mother, sister and brother to bits and wouldn't change them for the world, but I just don't feel part of the family any more and as such don't join in holiday festivities like this.

Earlier I posted a tweet on twitter about being emotional and think it deserves explaining. I am sad for the family part of me that does on occasion want to be with them but then I recall why that can not be so and I resign myself to that knowledge. The other issue revolves around the fact that I have been on my own,single wise, for 2 years now and boy do I scream that out loud.

I know at times it really should not bother me but it now seems that when others around me who act worse than I do they end up like a walking phone book yet I get no where.


I would sing praises of someone I cared for that much and there are those i could name that I would call close to me and a few who if they tried could get a lot more, hmmm decisions.


Well more from my crazy head to follow,


Sean xxxx

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anger – Rage – And A Helping Hand

Its not often that I get so mad that the smile drops from my face. A few nights ago a good friend of mine and I were chatting through twitter in our usual fun manner when he came across this video online. Its from a series done by a Rachel Maddow. Now I am all for freedom of speech all over the world but yet what this Richard Cohen and his “group” offer is apparently a helping hand to turn yourself straight if your homosexual.

Now he does raise some good points on the nature versus nurture quandary however one thing really fuelled a rage within me about it. Throughout the interview Rachel quotes passages from his own books to him. One such quote stands around the race card at when he mentions the factors that could lead to homosexuality and he states race but couldn't say why he was saying that. Another was his so called quotes on what homosexuals are more likely to be.

I have a great deal of friends with children and none of them as decent upstanding parents would knowingly leave their children with someone that they feel is a risk to their offspring, the so called parental nature would kick in.

Everyone on this planet deserves and has the right to live and be as they want to but this should not come nor should it impact on any others. We all need to start trying to get along.

I left a comment on the page showing about how this kind of material not just in the field of the LGBT community but across the board in all areas where there are hate crimes.

In my opinion the children of our up and coming generations should be helped to increase he levels of tolerance and acceptance.

I task the world with not turning itself into a place of hatred and anger but lets return to the thoughts and understanding of yesterday with an understanding of the danger we make for ourselves.


Sean xx

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday 6th December – Couldn’t Think Of A Better Title

Well its certainly been a strange weekend. As most of you who follow me on twitter will know on Friday i had a fun Pizza Hut dinner with a mate and boy was that a laugh. The pizza was no where near finished and he does like cheese that man, no pun intended. Some of you may have even seen a certain picture that was taken of me. Firstly am not the guy at the back don't have gray hair. It was a good night and he is a good mate, just don't tell him I said that as he will get a big head.

As you will certainly notice the blog has been changing its image the last few day repeatedly, am thinking with this one we maybe onto a keeper, what do you folks think?

The links section has now been updated with the blogs of some fellows from twitter and believe as I find more of them that have them they will be added. The two new listings belong to Antony and Johnny i have been having a read of their posting and believe me they are thoughtful and insightful souls. Well worth loads of hugs. Now as I promised I am mentioning the stunning soul that introduced me to their pages, Stuart. He is a nice guy and actually has his own blog to. You guys are so recommended to have a read.

Twitter has certainly helped me grow more as a person I think and with the current list of followers on there sitting at a huge 516. Will need to start making sure that I tweet at a respectable times and intervals.


Maybe not.

Well as you lot are amazing I do hope that you enjoy reading and make sure you tweet or comment or will spank you.

Sean xx

Friday, December 04, 2009

Brave New World

Well I thought it long over due time for a new post. Am sitting here in a FANTASTIC hotel room on my own. Now i really know the meaning of the saying hard done to, with the exception of being in major poverty or in a war torn country.

The sexy folk on twitter are as usual making me smile and wanting to hug them. I made a few mistakes this week and boy is poor Seany paying for these errors in judgement now.

I would like to personally lay an olive branch to MylifeinwordUK . With all that's going on honey my thoughts as always are with you and I am here if you ever need me to be. I hope the phone call you made doesn’t turn out to be a worse move honey.

As some of you may know this week saw the sign up by a lot of tweeters to a new Q & A site call Formspring . I also joined and so far have been asked some rather dubious questions seeing as you can hide behind the anonymous selection when posting. You can see my page at Queerbunni .

I hope that eventually my heart will gain some love to be both given and recieved.


Signing off for another week or so.


Sean xxx