Friday, May 15, 2009

And What Do You Do?

So you start talking to someone. It goes really well and you appear to be getting along. Then you find out something that rocks your boat and have no idea how to steady it again. To let people in is a big deal but to process some odd information is really a strange issue.

Over the years I have left myself open to and choosing a path that is hard up and long in the tooth for ever working out.

In this day and age we connect and work with those that we seem to be connected to and can work from. In recent times i have met such a person and i have to date no idea what i am supposed to do. Growing up is nothing like the way it is described to you as when your a kid.

Your pushed to pick lessons and find dreams to take you forward as if tats all your ever going to be interested in. The only thing that is never taken in to account is the heart itself,

Throughout history its well documented that people have made a lot of wrong choices based on what the feel and their heart. I however do not appear to learn form my own mistakes. There is a guy that i like who is at the moment is unobtainable and reachable by me. I only hope that one day this will help me work past me doing this.  

To those that are lying in the same sediment of creations remember this. The one thing that we revolve around on this is that we always believe that we are alone. We are not and there is a sizeable area of us and that we can help each other out. 

My apologies to the people who are unhappy that I have wrote this. But it is just my own feelings and emotions.


Queerlad xx

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