Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Things Are Good!

So its been a while since i posted. Well ok not as long as used to be but hey i love you all.

Well how are you all, hope this post finds you all charmingly well. Today (Tuesday the 27th of October 2009) I happened to tweet a nice charming lad on twitter who suffers from a condition similar to mine. Jason on twitter has suffered with Crohns for a long time now, and been diagnosed a lot longer than i have, Jason i am in awe of you and hope i can do more for the cause of awareness and helping with others with these illnesses.

Over the years i have taken on many roles in many places, and no one make any jokes about the bed room. Come rain, hail or shine i have to admit i like to help out where i can. On Saturday night i helped a friend of mine with her computer and i have to say am glad i did. Before the only contact we majorly had was at work but now i have to say would gladly say that she is a friend and would hope that she is ok and i can help her where i can.

This fun morning i have sat on twitter and yes i had missing few hours, those were fun. I would certainly say that it has been entertaining and again you guys are amazing. I sit here missing a certain someone but begin thinking i may be sounding a tad like a infatuated little puppy and not giving up. I would like to say that yes i do care deeply for you and would like for nothing more than to be with you but I am not looking to hurt you or cause you any pain nor would i like to think i was letting anyone hurt you either.

This leads me nicely on to the website, i know mentioned oh so many times before but in this case am now forcing my back side to do some work and get it sorted. So you guys here is what i plan to do, get loads of ideas from you about what you want to see and what parts you guys are willing to aid and abet with. Anything and everything is fair come, with the limits of the law in both your and my own country.


At that i will bid you all a fond farewell and hope that you are all being good.


Sexy kisses


Queerlad xxx

Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Update

Ok so lets see what should i tell you all.

Well Seany be my name (Sean without the y). Loads been happening as you can see from my last few blogs, some of which are songs that where used to show how i feel at the time.

Over the last few months its been eventful.

To start with am still in the same job so that's uneventful i know but the moves their making are annoying the hell out of me now. From shift changes to team changes and now floor moves its all abuzz with no clear structure.

Home is much more interesting. I am now the proud owner of a Cineworld unlimited card, £13.50 a month am not likely to be in London’s West End often so the additional £3 was not worth it. So far I have been to see, 500 Days of Summer and Toy Story 3D. I know, I know I’m a big kid. The next is either Zombieland or Up 3D hmmm oh the plans we make eh.

Twitter is another thing that is taking off more and more now and although I posted about it before as I write this I am now over 2,000 tweets later.

Twitter Stats:

464 Following
2,827 Tweets

Ignoring the Britney Specials there is a few nameable folk in there, apologies if i miss you out am slow remember:

MylifeinwordsUK – A special guy who has been mistreated something awful. More thoughtful comments could be said but i will just direct you to my other blog postings.

mairs – A charming lady with more than her fair share of oooooo’s, Want to get in on the joke tweet her on twitter and ask for the YouTube link.

MaryJJohns – One funny lady. A kindred soul who has lots of loving to give. Just don't ask her about her hubby is all. Keep it sweet.

_Chrissy_G – Frequent tweeter to me and yet i still offer kisses hmmm am so odd eh.

There are loads more and am sure i have forgotten someone but cant be great at everything.

Love Life would be the next topic but yet there is as ever little movement on this front. Well i say little other than my unbridled affection for MylifeinwordsUK that's it. The guy is a total charmer and so deserves more in life than what he has had. I would if i thought I could try and offer him up my heart and soul if i thought he would have me. I know he will eventually read this so I will go bright read early, Go me eh.

Next update will be in good time as i am getting way back into the swing of this. Podcast should be next but all in good time dear reader. Onwards and upwards i say.


And i was told baby steps. I just want to scream that I love someone yet am not wanting to scare them off. Would be more than happy to go and say things like, cuddle in honey your amazing and am so lucky to have you in my life, however those fun barriers we put up after being hurt stop both of us.


Well thats all for now next update will be soon


Take care you lot.




A Rather Large Heart 2 Heart

Its late and i probably really should be asleep and yet all i can think of is you. I cant believe the pain you have been through and am so scared of opening up and making it oh so much worse.

I want to say that:

Your oh so special to me and I just wish that you could see just how special you are to me.

I wish you where here beside me, to guide me and show me the way.

To help me see the good that's in me.

To love the sweet little way that you say my name and the lingering look i dream you would give me in the morning.


I saved the conversation that we had the night you said those magic words i longed to hear. I just hope they weren't said to just cheer me up and that its really what you feel. From all the pain you have been through and i just don't want to be felt like i should be let in and then to do something to make any of it worse.

Your the one and only guy i think of and the one and only one i want near me.

Even if you read this, I'm still scared. Terrified even.

Would love to call you my other half but whose to say that what you want. For all i could think you are just being friendly,


Well the result will come when it leaks out as all my feelings do.


Honey your so so so special, and i do believe i love you.