Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Choice Made – Slightly Regretted


So ever come to that moment when you care for someone so much that you don't want to hurt either them or you. Tonight i took a risk and well although i know it never paid off i do know that in the end up for all parties concerned its for the best i think.

I did try and speak to you, to get your opinion or your thoughts but am not going to try and force you, you have been through too much. I cant help but think that you avoided and sidestepped what i was saying and asking. I apologised none the less but it still got me no where, and i ended up feeling as if all i had to say was purely i will go as i know you don't want me around. I just hope you get to do all you wanted and are happy with all that you do.


Queerlad xx

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