Friday, December 04, 2009

Brave New World

Well I thought it long over due time for a new post. Am sitting here in a FANTASTIC hotel room on my own. Now i really know the meaning of the saying hard done to, with the exception of being in major poverty or in a war torn country.

The sexy folk on twitter are as usual making me smile and wanting to hug them. I made a few mistakes this week and boy is poor Seany paying for these errors in judgement now.

I would like to personally lay an olive branch to MylifeinwordUK . With all that's going on honey my thoughts as always are with you and I am here if you ever need me to be. I hope the phone call you made doesn’t turn out to be a worse move honey.

As some of you may know this week saw the sign up by a lot of tweeters to a new Q & A site call Formspring . I also joined and so far have been asked some rather dubious questions seeing as you can hide behind the anonymous selection when posting. You can see my page at Queerbunni .

I hope that eventually my heart will gain some love to be both given and recieved.


Signing off for another week or so.


Sean xxx

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