Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anger – Rage – And A Helping Hand

Its not often that I get so mad that the smile drops from my face. A few nights ago a good friend of mine and I were chatting through twitter in our usual fun manner when he came across this video online. Its from a series done by a Rachel Maddow. Now I am all for freedom of speech all over the world but yet what this Richard Cohen and his “group” offer is apparently a helping hand to turn yourself straight if your homosexual.

Now he does raise some good points on the nature versus nurture quandary however one thing really fuelled a rage within me about it. Throughout the interview Rachel quotes passages from his own books to him. One such quote stands around the race card at when he mentions the factors that could lead to homosexuality and he states race but couldn't say why he was saying that. Another was his so called quotes on what homosexuals are more likely to be.

I have a great deal of friends with children and none of them as decent upstanding parents would knowingly leave their children with someone that they feel is a risk to their offspring, the so called parental nature would kick in.

Everyone on this planet deserves and has the right to live and be as they want to but this should not come nor should it impact on any others. We all need to start trying to get along.

I left a comment on the page showing about how this kind of material not just in the field of the LGBT community but across the board in all areas where there are hate crimes.

In my opinion the children of our up and coming generations should be helped to increase he levels of tolerance and acceptance.

I task the world with not turning itself into a place of hatred and anger but lets return to the thoughts and understanding of yesterday with an understanding of the danger we make for ourselves.


Sean xx

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