Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Ashes Of Christmas

So its over for another year, and oh my how joyful can this time be. I mean I get asked over and over again why I didn't get any presents or why I spent it on my own. Christmas is not a time for me to think of wanting anything, for me all I can want is for those i care for and love to be happy. As for the being alone, am used to it and I know its likely to continue as time goes on.

My Twitter family has certainly grown and am grateful for each and everyone of you that follows and talks to me. I sit in my hotel room for the last night and they as usual are making me smile, and huge huge huge hugs are offered for all the smile the give to me.

Now am thinking of updating a few pictures of myself and lowering the numbers of the ones that are out there. Will upload a picture post later to see how that sounds and looks by you guys.

On my last post a comment was left for me and can I say that am adoring the sender.


Well for the moment its all that's running in my mind.

Seany xxx


Anonymous said...

This is the same poster as before. I meant what I said in my last comment, and can assure you that at several key moments on xmas day, you were at the very front of my thoughts.

I missed you a lot and it was quite late in the day before I had the chance to make sure you were OK. Am so glad you were :D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have your twitter for those reasons you mentioned above. That is our goal, as friends, we too want to see you smile and know that on Christmas, or every other day, that you're happy.

You are cared for deeply on twitter, you have lifelong friends. We are here for you, whether its in your hotel room or in the warmth of your bed.

I love you, you know this. And i want the BEST for you. You also know that i wish i could be there with you, b/c then you would not be lonely and we could be together.

i <3 hawtscot

Nandoism™ said...

Twitter is a wonderful thing, it lead me to you, my friend. Happy Holidays and hopefully we will be interacting a lot in 2010!