Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday 6th December – Couldn’t Think Of A Better Title

Well its certainly been a strange weekend. As most of you who follow me on twitter will know on Friday i had a fun Pizza Hut dinner with a mate and boy was that a laugh. The pizza was no where near finished and he does like cheese that man, no pun intended. Some of you may have even seen a certain picture that was taken of me. Firstly am not the guy at the back don't have gray hair. It was a good night and he is a good mate, just don't tell him I said that as he will get a big head.

As you will certainly notice the blog has been changing its image the last few day repeatedly, am thinking with this one we maybe onto a keeper, what do you folks think?

The links section has now been updated with the blogs of some fellows from twitter and believe as I find more of them that have them they will be added. The two new listings belong to Antony and Johnny i have been having a read of their posting and believe me they are thoughtful and insightful souls. Well worth loads of hugs. Now as I promised I am mentioning the stunning soul that introduced me to their pages, Stuart. He is a nice guy and actually has his own blog to. You guys are so recommended to have a read.

Twitter has certainly helped me grow more as a person I think and with the current list of followers on there sitting at a huge 516. Will need to start making sure that I tweet at a respectable times and intervals.


Maybe not.

Well as you lot are amazing I do hope that you enjoy reading and make sure you tweet or comment or will spank you.

Sean xx

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