Thursday, March 24, 2011

London Baby! Yeah !!!

Well guys what a trip.

Thought it time i re-introduce the writings of one wee Seany. So back to our hero and lets hear what he has been up to eh.

When last we heard about him he was single and seeing how bad a boy he could be. Well needless to say not a lot has changed without the bad section, Screw that am a good boy and that's all that should be said on that front.

Currently am en route home in First Class on the train, go the tea and coffee runs from the nice man, wouldn’t say anything to the milk man though, less said about where he may get it from the better. We had sun, we had laughs, we had drinks. No there was no sex. Not that there wasn't offers but that so is not my style and am no going to become that man now.

Firstly I would like to thank some amazing friends that I have, Kat & Al, you guys should me about in style. Am not sure the sex shops were all me but don't know until you try eh. Again I showed the world how easily drunk I am, not to say that I couldn't put it away. The sun really showed us a smiling time and am impressed just as to how sunny its been. Wednesday was spent mostly in the park with some new friends and boy was it warm, probably shouldn't have worn the jumper but hey I like to be the spottable poof.

Not wanting to overwhelm you all so soon so will end this one now, May update you some more as the train speeds me home, at a tilt i may add, Am not sure that's good at all.

Queerlad (aka Queerbunni)


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